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1. The Step of MMC

• ANTICIPATE: The Predictive Maintenance authorizes the detection by anticipation of the risks to material failure and allows acting before the slightest indication of alert or breakdown. This step reduces unwanted outages and systematic maintenance costs.

Anticipate systems, structures and materials behaviour also increases installations safety, and is recommended for Nuclear, Oil and Chemical industries where the slightest dysfunction can involve very heavy consequences.

nuclear plant

• HAVE tools evolutive and adapted to every industrial configuration.

Our staff has the best possible tools at his disposal. These tools are adapted to interventions in classic industrial environment as to interventions under explosive atmosphere or in controlled zone.

Every material, procedural and software improvements answer effectively the most demanding standards and our quality program (ISO 9001-2000, NT 85-114, CEFRI, etc…).

• MAKE PROFITABLE your control and diagnosis programs.

Control and results analysis are not a simple matter of finding and repairing every leak. Our methods and our reports allow you optimizing your predictive maintenance campaigns according to the condition of controlled organs and their output impact.

Therefore, our test uses exclusively non-destructive and non-intrusive methods. Thus you can easily control costs.

2. Control Methods

offshore valve

• The most efficient Acoustic Method of the market

By means of a well-tried method, stemmed from a strong experience on the nuclear submarines and from specific equipment, our teams:

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• Control by IR Thermography

The Infrared Thermal imaging answers many demands in various domains. Get a real professional service to your industrial applications.

>

• The diagnosis of your working machines by Vibration Analysis

Our staff draws up a functioning diagnosis of your machineries and determines detected defects gravity and urgency.

>

• Air Leakage testing by Ultrasonic Method

With state-of-the-art equipment, our operators make a leaks sharp tracking on compressed air circuits. You can save a lot of money.

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3. Research and Engineering

Our research department complies with all your expectations in your equipment conception and evaluation by determination of passing valves and leakages severity. And we support your projects by a competent and effective engineering service.

4. Assistance 7/7 – 24/24

Always in your service, MMC provides:

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