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Thermographie Infrarouge / Infrared Thermography Contrôle Acoustique / Acoustic Control Recherche de Fuites d’Air / Air Leakage Testing Contrôle et Réglage de Purgeurs / Streamtraps Testing

International expert in conditional maintenance, MMC has accompanied you since 1990 in the development of non-destructive controls for your industrial applications.

In the context of global competition, to avoid unforeseen outages, to reduce costs of maintenance and to improve output became imperative. Our advanced monitoring process and our advanced results analysis help you to achieve these goals (while ranking elements to repair in priority) and to optimize your maintenance actions.

Our services of acoustic control, infra-red thermography, air leakage testing and vibratory analysis fall under a permanent step of progress at any level (quality, improvement of the material, staff training...).

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